Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spare Is, as, Spare Does.

You let it drop to me.

You spoke of my confessions...

what about yours?

Is it the case that

you and I share the same tendency

to cover our tracks?

One born of preterit hope...

that what cannot be seen,

may not exist...

An ultimate presence and absence

co-mingled in matrixial night,

of the darkest matter?

You mentioned the horrors of war,

seductive cover-ups...

the fashion to obscure the lies

and the drapery

of existence failed.

Your grief,


your fathers standards...

splinters in your soul...

a trail of sorrows,

the lagrima mundi...

of your entire life.

Now the splinters emerge

and come to term,

not the first time,

but again as specter

in the form of paintings

as elegant and minimal

as any judgmental

and discriminating Papa

might expect

from his exquisitely

talented and beautiful


the daughter



amongst the ravage

of horror

and human misery

bound in ecstasy.

And under the cover of cosmic night

you do your Papa proud,

your Papa is undone.

Meanwhile the sheets are set

and the forms

remain clean,

aquiline fine,

with all the glimmer

and spareness

one should want

of a woman desired

yet chaste.

Look Papa!

All of it is there!

Your daughter has

suggested everything,

while revealing nothing!

She has done it




amid your past

and presence

which lay


by her growing power,

her frightful bower,

of intimacy and secrecy.

Papa is there a groom

whom shall marry this bride?

Or a seed

that shall be spilled upon her?

My Lady,

To you

I will reveal

only what is comfortable

for you to bare.

I will spare all

or spare nothing.

Spare is

as spare does,

So shall I be spare

for the sake of thee.

You are my ground,

the point of my discharge

vessel of electric overload,

virgin ground,

And to you it is charged

to remain pure

and to remain active

even after the light passes through,

and the carnal blood is spilled.

My lady

I implore you

The sky is alive

for the ground to receive.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New World Order Is As Old As The Illuminati' Myth

I wrote this over a year ago when I realized that we were all staring down the barrel of a shotgun we were forced to purchase so that it could be trained upon us. The time to reprint this has come. Today the criminals have engineered the take-down of GE, not because it is failing, but because the cyber-cash-hosts have sent their hedge-men to tear it up and leave it in scraps so that it can be repurchased cheap and reconstituted into the wealth of the new order. And not a soul is squeaking, not a soul.

Each one of us will need to swim or sink...
And Those whom are sucking,
must cease their gloat.
Stop eating the boat...
'cause the bloat wont float.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

When excess is rote
better climb like a goat
For the Dow Jone's quote
is gonna sink in the moat.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

What we're seeing
is the result of what we've been wondering about for
How can these schmucks drive a new car?
when they don't make enuf,
far less save enuf,
to drive
a donkey cart?

Well the answer is,
they do it with money
on loan
from the schmucks of
the greedy idiots at the banks,
who engineer this stuff,
and whom have made such a web of stupidity,
that it could take down everything...
especially now that the little weiners
are just quivering in the corners
like the rats they are,
trying not to lose big,
while simultaneously
trying not to fix things,
because they can't pay the bill,
and creative finance can be stretched only so far.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

Everybody's gonna pay...
and pay and pay.
And those who will pay the most,
will not be the holy-ghosts
nor the cyber-cash-hosts,
but the responsible few
who didn't over-eat at the banquet,
and who have resourcefully saved their assets,
only to have them robbed
by the pawn-shop
who will pay the pawnee
to go out and
rob some more,
so that they can continue
on their spree of
until we are all consumed.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote


The Illuminati Welcome You
To The New World Orde

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote