Friday, October 21, 2011

Void explained

My Lady,

The void: I responded to you that I had an experience of it. That was false, I never have. If it exists, it is a paradox. How can there be nothing, except as vacancy within a border that then becomes something, another object? There is only everything. I will go back to Jung re: void. What I felt in the momentary experience mentioned to you, was not one of void, but of simultaneous expansion and contraction, of timelessness, of everywhere and nowhere, of utter dislocation and merging without borders on a cosmic level. It was IMMENSE. When I sucked it all back in and opened my eyes I was born for the first time, and the millionth time. It was very strange, the immediate sense of "no, I am not you, I am I". And I sensed a deep memory, a first awakening... the eyes, beautiful, stunning, a profound grounding.