Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best Has Bust

( ((( ( <^> ) ))) )

The best has bust

along a long line a long a long line preceptive progressive precipitous processive abyss of non-present past presence slipping slowly sliding away evidence of time no time what time

I bare my soul

selfless soul a droll soul a selfish soul soley human unwound wound up up tight unfit fit to be tied tied to nothing nothing happens everything matters everywhere uncertain certainly nothing nothing matters

In transition

unfettered unfocused uninformed unfathomed unfurling furling future fathomless future fecal future future fetish future freedom freedom not free freedom from freedom forever forgotten forever formless

Beauty becoming

becoming unbounding bounding begotten begotten beholden beholden and broken betrayed and unspoken spoken and spellbound spellbound and spacious

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