Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New World Order Is As Old As The Illuminati' Myth

I wrote this over a year ago when I realized that we were all staring down the barrel of a shotgun we were forced to purchase so that it could be trained upon us. The time to reprint this has come. Today the criminals have engineered the take-down of GE, not because it is failing, but because the cyber-cash-hosts have sent their hedge-men to tear it up and leave it in scraps so that it can be repurchased cheap and reconstituted into the wealth of the new order. And not a soul is squeaking, not a soul.

Each one of us will need to swim or sink...
And Those whom are sucking,
must cease their gloat.
Stop eating the boat...
'cause the bloat wont float.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

When excess is rote
better climb like a goat
For the Dow Jone's quote
is gonna sink in the moat.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

What we're seeing
is the result of what we've been wondering about for
How can these schmucks drive a new car?
when they don't make enuf,
far less save enuf,
to drive
a donkey cart?

Well the answer is,
they do it with money
on loan
from the schmucks of
the greedy idiots at the banks,
who engineer this stuff,
and whom have made such a web of stupidity,
that it could take down everything...
especially now that the little weiners
are just quivering in the corners
like the rats they are,
trying not to lose big,
while simultaneously
trying not to fix things,
because they can't pay the bill,
and creative finance can be stretched only so far.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote

Everybody's gonna pay...
and pay and pay.
And those who will pay the most,
will not be the holy-ghosts
nor the cyber-cash-hosts,
but the responsible few
who didn't over-eat at the banquet,
and who have resourcefully saved their assets,
only to have them robbed
by the pawn-shop
who will pay the pawnee
to go out and
rob some more,
so that they can continue
on their spree of
until we are all consumed.

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote


The Illuminati Welcome You
To The New World Orde

And the dead don't vote
And the dead don't vote


  1. Hey bone farm...this is excellent. There needs to be much more written on this subject, much more. And you've written down your thoughts so well. This is inspirational, makes me think there is some hope that others out there are listening, and thinking, and taking time to put pen to paper in a creative way. God bless the poets for speaking their hearts!!! One thing...are you sure the dead can't vote? I've heard some stories that they are turning over in their graves because some have taken their names and used them to vote!
    Perhaps in this last election?

  2. TruthSeeker,
    I am not sure the dead can't vote... you bring up a good point. And if you have heard a specific incident/story about grave-robbing names to register votes, I am all ears.
    The government take-over is upon us, I fear. The mounting laws and regulations supplemented with hand-outs designed to placate, will not save us from ourselves. It will make us fat mediocre sheep, easily controlled, slaughtered, wasted and consumed by a system further and further beyond any individuals self-control or creative ability to negotiate his/her own fate. The minions want safety, and for fear of risk, we will all be in a world of sh*t. What ever happened to: feed a man for a day, give him a fish... feed a man for a lifetime, teach him to fish (....and then let him fend for himself and have some dignity)? When are we all gonna say enough is enough? Do we really all want to be farm animals, fed and kept (read: penned, placated and powerless)because we don't want to take responsibility for our own decisions?
    I do not actually believe in the Illuminati Conspiracy Theories.... however something really funny is going on here... it is beyond all common sense or reasoning and makes me wonder who this mess is benefiting? It is just too pronounced and fishy.

  3. I'm in total agreement with what you've said here. The idea of giving the poor a free handout only leads to whole generations becoming dependent upon the government, which is quickly going broke. As a matter of fact, it's already broke, in debt, and now borrowing from other governments. No business would ever be allowed to be run in such a shabby way and would quickly be shut down or allowed to fail. What does our government think it's doing by leading us farther and farther into debt. I'm under the impression that the government is intentionally wanting the economic system to fail in order to implement and NEW WORLD ORDER. That's the only thing which makes any sense to me. While else would they be digging such a deep grave for the financial system?