Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bruise colored flowers
stain the darkening wood
where once
the edible house stood
and shadowed children
upon the wife
while the maid servant
watched roses
on the edge of rancid
kiss the fattening goose
and promised closure
to the witches plight
that waits in the oven
of a fatherless night.


  1. I like this; I've read it a few times now, searching for its meaning.
    There are some beautiful word couplings; "shadowed children" and "fatherless night" being my favourites.
    "where once the edible house stood" also rolls nicely off of the tongue.

  2. Thanks Scrybe.
    I'm not at the guts of this matter yet... but it haunts me. Will continue to attempt some com-munion with it. FeMyth and all her constellations may come forward,

  3. it affected me in a way similar to a plath poem in the end... 'daddy' comes to mind. but it snuck up on me. i liked it.

  4. Yes Fucoid... Daddy.... he's definitely in there, invisible presence be. Gonna look at Plath... gonna see what you mean...

    Doonas624... how'd you find meeeee?

  5. Lots of googling!!! Lost your phone #'s, dropped cell phone in the bathtub, call me, or E-Mail donnas624@hotmail.com. Just got a new MAC!